Logo white background 150x150Sound Pitch Entertainment, LLC a company dedicated to sound and audio. It encompasses PA rentals, audio engineering services and independent record label.

The idea of the Company is something that Founder, Jason “M.C. Face” Guajardo, has been conceptualizing for some time. With a deep love of music that has been pursued through continued informal and formal education, the co-founding of an original band, and continued profession as an audio engineer for Dover Downs Inc. Mr. Guajardo’s vision has been to realize his passion in music. Furthermore, writing lyrics has always been one of Mr. Guajardo’s favorite pass times and outlets to express him self. As an artist and entrepreneur, he wants to combine his talents with his love of music.

As an independent record label, SPE is responsible for the cultivation of talent, the production of recorded music and the marketing of that music. With a devotion of providing a manful experience for listeners Sound Pitch Entertainment is committed to producing quality music. The label currently focuses on one artist, Jason “Face” Guajardo, who is also the company’s President and Founder. M.C. Face has released 6 projects with the label available for download on this site and has more coming soon.

Sound Pitch Entertainment also offers PA rentals and Audio Engineering services. A portable PA system is available for conferences, presentations, meetings, live lounge music and other events in large rooms or outdoors. Technician services are available for events to meet all sound and audio needs. Jason “Face” Guajardo has ran live sound for over 50 musical acts and bands. In addition to live sound services SPE also provides studio recording and mixing services as well. Jason “Face” Guajardo recorded, engineered and mixed all of SPE’s musical projects downloadable on this site.

The Company is in its infancy stage. While Mr. Guajardo has been conceptualizing the idea of his company for some time, he understands that in order to start a successful business that will withstand the competition, start-up, and many other challenges, he had to put together a team that would help him succeed in making his life’s vision a reality.

The Company is a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) incorporated in Delaware in July 27, 2012.)